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About This Site


Currently this is not a commercial site and I have no financial affiliations with any entity in or connected to The Granite Belt.

This site was founded on the idea of disseminating information about Granite Belt wines more widely through Granite Belt GI targeted tasting notes. Although this remains the primary focus of the site it soon became apparent that there was a need for a lot of support information. So the home page, originally intended for tasting notes, now displays information about each Granite Belt winery. There is other information about local eateries and additional information will be added to the site as needs arise over time.

As this site is focused on Granite Belt wine only there will not be a large number of tasting notes appearing each month as you might expect on a site where wines from all over Australia, or more broadly are reviewed. Additionally there may be occasional reviews of some wines from the New England GI.

The site is truly a developing project if you have any ideas or needs for the site please contact me.