Heritage Estate 2020 Ansonica

Ansonica or Anzonica in Tuscany and sometimes Inzolia elsewhere, e.g. Sicily, in Italy but apparently and definitely Ansonica on The Granite Belt. One bin from Chalmers was shared by Heritage Estate and Andy Williams for his new Unsung Hero label. So interesting to compare these wines made by two different winemakers from the same fruit. Tonight it’s The Heritage Estate rendition and tomorrow we experience Andy William’s interpretation.2020 ansonica

A medium straw colour with occasional laser flashes of gold and green the bouquet signals the promise of a clean refreshing palate with quite garrulous floral citrus a little zest and a lovely complex nuttiness held and suspended in space by the resurgent tang of green apple acid.

The palate is greeted by a lovely combination of citrus juice and peel which is adroitly sculptured by a pear and chalky like textural quality and this coalesced complexity is underpinned and amplified by refreshing driving acidity akin to a classical riesling. A little later a firm pinch of pureéd almonds and cashews show evidence that the palatal chef is still participating and then some green apples cut firmly through the nuttiness. A final crescendo combines the entire experience as though you are sipping on a nutty, textural citrus bowl with some sherbet tang and underlying mineral flavours. I suspect if you like the better dry Australian rieslings and Fiano’s you are going to really enjoy this wine. My first experience of Ansonica and although it’s based on just one wine, it seems as though I may have started close to the zenith. This is superb drinking, it would compliment most seafood especially oysters and whiting, I had this with a fresh and spicy Thai duck salad and the relationship was near perfect.

Tasted: Friday 13th November, 2020 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 12.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $28
Suggested Drinking Window: 2020 to 2028
Winemaker: John Handy
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