Brinx Deli & Cafe
Brinx Deli & Cafe


Brinx Deli & Cafe was originally located in High Street. Owner Kristy O’Brien prefers her cafe to be responsive to customers needs and also undergo other rejuvenation changes to keep pace in our fast changing world. So in 2018 she relocated her cafe to Maryland Street so it was more central in the township. Kristy did not merely relocate she also exercised astute discernment and completely redesigned the look and feel of her cafe. Now when you enter you are greeted by a modern ‘New York’ style cafe in which the decor is as delicious as the food.

All day breakfasts are on the menu together with a range of lunches and all dietary requirements are catered for in this elegant and exciting cafe.

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The coffee at Brinx is superb, the staff are very friendly, meals arrive with alacritous timing and, in my experience, are consumed with equal vigour and enthusiasm. Brinx is a place that anyone visiting Stanthorpe should add to their list of places to do, you are then highly likely to become a frequent customer – I do speak from that place myself!

Brinx Details

Location: 18 Maryland St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 8am – 3pm. Sunday 8am – 12noon.
Call Brinx    “call0746813321

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