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Tobin Wines in Ballandean has been a work of enthusiasm, passion and joy and all that combined with genuine hard work driven by belief. Adrian Tobin in 2020 attained the age of 80 and has managed to do this still replete with enthusiasm for life. When you visit this vineyard you are in for a treat as Adrain genuinely enjoys conversing with every customer – it shows and you feel it! Adrian will give you a new glass for every single pour as he believes that even the smallest amount of wine left in the glass will interfere with your experience of the next wine. I guess Adrian is somewhat of a perfectionist but only for the benefit of his customers and across the entire gambit from preparing a vineyard to presenting you with the final product.

Tobin Wines Cellar Door with Adrian Serving Customers

“cellar door
“cellar door

The vineyard features a stone wall along it’s Sundown Road end. The wall was a long time in the making the first stones came from the vineyard grounds but there weren’t enough and Adrian had to get many tonnes trucked in. In a recent conversation Adrian told me he was working on the wall very late one afternoon and a rock slipped and lodged his foot. He managed luckily to retrieve his foot but his footwear still remains trapped in the wall. Adrian strongly believes that the work is really done by the vines and they need observant facilitative responses from human beings to allow them to create their exceptional flavours and nuanced complexities. It becomes apparent from a conversation with this devoted man that the vines will receive the same immaculate attention that you do as a customer.

Adrian’s ‘babies’ Sleeping in Winter


All of Adrians wines are well made, they are named after family members, e.g. Jacob Tempranillo or Lily Chardonnay. When I first visited this vineyard around 12 years ago Adrian was the sole cellar door person, these days he has assistance from Ian Dopson who is just as enthusiastic as Adrian but does have the energy of a few less years. Adrian’s wines are a joy to taste and it helps that they are delivered with some much focus. In a recent visit I enjoyed the 2018 red wines – it was mid winter on a very cold day so I only tried the reds. I particularly enjoyed the Tempranillo and the Reserve Merlot. However they were all very good artisan wines.

The Tasting Bench

“wine tasting
“wine tasting

The Wines

Red Wines:

• Jacob Tempranillo | • Max Shiraz Block One | • Max Shiraz Block Two | • Elliot Merlot | • Elliot Reserve Merlot | • Luella Plum Cabernet

White Wines:

• Maisie Home Block Verdelho | • Lily Chardonnay | • Kate Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc | • Isabella Semillon | • Charlotte Sauvignon Blanc


• Liqueur Muscat NV – 500 ml


Location: 34 Ricca Rd, Ballandean 4382.

Hours: Open 7 days 10am – 5pm.
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