Zest Pastries
Zest Pastries


Zest Pastries is one of the real gems to be discovered in the main street of Stanthorpe. Owner Stephen Lambert is a baker and Pastry Chef – he was trained by a Swiss pastry chef. Originally there was a lot of focus on producing a range of quality breads but in 2017 a decision was made to focus more on pastries.

Today you can expect to have a range of breads and delicious pastries to choose from whenever you visit this simultaneously perfectionistic and very friendly establishment. Zest also caters for a range of breakfast and lunch meals and coffee aficionados will enjoy a relaxed contentment here musing in anticipation as they gently stir the microfoam.

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Zest has a policy of using high quality local ingredients whenever possible, so local and in season is a mantra. All the pastries and breads are handmade on the premises . You can always chat with staff about Zest processes, they use fresh minimal ingredients to maintain products that are flavoursome, of consistent high standard, and healthy for your body – provided you apply an internal moderation which can be a challenging proposition at Zest!.

Zest Details

Location: 54 Maryland St, Stanthorpe QLD 4380.
Hours: Monday to Friday 7am – 4:30pm. Saturday 7am – 2pm.
Call Zest    “call0746814320

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