Unsung Hero Wine 2020 Ansonica

I would need to clarify but perhaps Granite Belt winemakers have chosen the name Ansonica instead of Inzolia because western Sicily is reasonably warm climate (Mediterranean) compared to The Granite Belt but of course the grapes are from Mildura in Victoria which is still unlikely to approximate Western Sicily. We do however live in unpredictable global warming times, but enough about that.

2020 ansonicaA warm straw colour with reflective green hues harbouring some bright gold flints. A lavish bouquet of citrus florals with some zest, a little spice, and a somewhat pronounced nuttiness which, even so, is tamed by a lovely entangled fusing of citrus which produces a scent reminiscent of sherbet.

On the palate the nuttiness reverses it’s relationship with citrus, it isn’t first in presentation but decides to announce itself with a more dominant mid palate swell and speaks of walnuts. Before this and initially there is citrus lime and lemon juice and with a slightly sour quality, and then perhaps a little ripe packham pear. Very late the wine entices some tongue tingles with a little spicy apple (if that’s possible).

A noticeable feature of this dry wine is it’s texture as the palate is a little creamy and comparatively smooth. It is certainly less classically riesling like on the palate than the Heritage Estate. The explanation could lie in a conversation I had with Rob at Heritage Estate who told me that when comparing notes with Andy Williams they noticed that Andy had a small percentage more juice from pressing than did John Handy. So my guess is that as this variety has comparatively more tannins a very slightly stronger press (6% I believe) has produced a noticeable effect on the mouthfeel and on some flavours. I think this is a great result for the region as you can purchase two wines which have enough difference to suggest different drinking conditions/moods and pair with sightly different cuisines.

Tasted: Sunday 8th November, 2020 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $45
Suggested Drinking Window: 2020 to 2025
Winemaker: Andy Williams
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