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Wine Review Sites


The Wine Front

Perhaps the most valid wine review site in Australia. You have to purchase a membership but the yearly subscription is well worth the small outlay. A feature of the site is that subscribers can add their own comments under any tasting note. Many do and there can be some robust discussions. Subscribers range from consumers to wine makers to retailers to restauranteurs to ….

The four reviewers are Gary Walsh, Mike Bennie, Campbell Mattinson and Curly Haslam-Coates. The points awarded are generally less generous that those given in the Halliday Wine Companion empire which I believe is a ‘Chris Handy’ good thing as the scores create a more realistic impression for consumers.

Granite Belt wines are reviewed on the site, often by Mike Bennie. A few Granite Belt wineries are now regularly sending samples to The Wine Front for review.

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The Vinsomniac

The wine blog of Stuart Robinson. Stu is a Brisbane local, a prolific reviewer who does review many Granite Belt wines. The reviews are accompanied by a score on the 100 points scale.

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The wine blog of Steve Leszczynski. Like Stuart, Steve reviews wines from all over Australia but does also review quite a few Granite Belt offerings. Also like Stuart, Steve scores wines on a 100 point scale.

Both Stuart’s and Steve’s wine blogs provide interesting reviews and are worth visiting.

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Red Bigot

This site (actually a forum) is a bit different, like The Wine Front it’s subscription only but you will find a lot of wine reviews, including Granite Belt wine reviews. The Red Bigot site was first established in 2004 and converted to an interactive Forum format in October 2010. It’s mostly about red wine, but white wine drinkers are welcome too.

What makes this site different though is it’s major purpose which is finding wine bargains.

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