Boireann Winery 2010 Granite Belt Shiraz

Boireann has been a little quiet but Brad and wife have another bub, I guess that can do it to you, congratulations to them both!

This tasting note is a little different no aromas or flavours are mentioned, read on ..

Whenever you read a tasting note pay much less attention to the tastes/flavours, the most important aspect of any wine, by far, is structure and balance.2010 Shiraz As a certain subscriber on The Red Bigot Forum recently said, “Structural elements of a wine and how they come together are far more important … who cares if the aroma is freshly mowed kikuyu grass or the left sock of James Tedesco after a state of origin match or if the nutmeg is from Grenada or Penang”.

This medium bodied wine travels you gently through a range of transitions, your palate definitely gets the sense that something is changing and then you flow into that change with precision and care. It is like a seamless journey moving gently through a sensorially signposted experience. The tannins are fine and graphite like, there is still some definite life in the acidity but just to enliven the palatal journey in respectful collaboration with all the other elements, oak is supportive and backgrounded, fruit still expresses it’s flavours but melded contextually with great harmonious integration.

When you drink this wine you will notice and hopefully appreciate a masterfully made shiraz. I’d expect that this wine will easily live many more years because that’s another aspect of what exceptional structure and balance produce in a wine.

If you’re new to the wine journey always notice structure and balance. These aspects are your best indication of the wine’s cellaring potential, whether or not it will fall over in a year or gracefully improve over a decade or two – many wines in Australia are made for immediate consumption but not in the boutique landscape of Granite Belt Wineries. Managing structure and balance is perhaps the greatest of all a wine makers gifts and allows them to produce quality wines across many different and sometimes very challenging vintages.

Tasted: Saturday 19th AUgust, 2023 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Oak: French
Price: $40
Suggested Drinking Window: 2011 – 2028
Winemaker: Peter Stark
Fruit Source: Harrington Glen Estate
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