Pyramids Road 2009 Mourvedre

Ruby red at the meniscus and very darkly coloured as you move towards it’s depths, not quite as bright and reflective as the 2012. Black fruits, kalamata olives, earth and a little bergamot on the bouquet. Like the 2012 the black tea tannins are evident but softer and less powerful, the acid is just a little more noticeable in this wine than the 2012 but, having said that it’s nicely balanced and integrated

The taste begins with soft black fruits, savoury aspects, mere hints of black pepper, and then the kalamata olives subtly announce their presence and the slight liquorice aspects are lovely. Warren has applied a slighter lighter and discerning hand with the oak for this vintage. This wine is placed perfectly in it’s drinking window now, I doubt that it will improve but the drinking window will continue for a few years, so no rush to consume.

This 2009 is just a little leaner than the 2012 as there is just a little less fruit weight than the excellent 2012 vintage. Nevertheless it is different, more subtle, less of a beast (more French if you like) and enormously enjoyable on it’s own terms.

It is often said that a good Mourvedre should be left alone for 10 years as it takes time for the wine to develop complexity. If you have some of this wine then it is rewarding your patience now – enjoy!

Update: If you cool this wine just a little more (it’s a warm humid night in Bris Vegas) then cardamon is quite noticeable, especially on the mid-palate.

Tasted: Tuesday 12th March, 2019 without food and then with over several hours.  Re-tasted the next day after  breathing in refrigerated bottle overnight.
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $32
Suggested Drinking Window: Now to 2025

Posted by Peter Pacey

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