Storm King Wine Co 2021 Vermentino

Another great wine from Storm King Wine Co and really different to the Golden Grove Vermentino made with grapes from the same vineyard as this one and by Ray Costanzo.

Deep yellow straw to golden in the glass, the 10 days on skins with gentle hand plunging have produced some lovely colours.2021 vermentino

Rather different redolences than what I’ve become used to in the variety, wild yeast no doubt plays a part in the fragrances and the taste bud experience. There is a definite muskiness, lots of spice, some citrus aspects, dried yellow pear, dried grapefruit skin that could have been dipped in a little honeysuckle nectar. You are almost guaranteed to discover something else each time you sample the bouquet such is the complexity and the difference offered by the wine.

A truly enjoyable palatal experience with a little mandarin, lots of exotic spice, quite ripe (almost over-ripe) limes, a tinge of saltiness, the mouthfeel is genuinely amplified with sublime textural elements and a little oiliness. One truly enjoyable and totally unique aspect of this Vermentino is that it has the following flavour: You have to imagine that you obtain a ripe Packham Pear and you spike it with ginger, not ground ginger but fresh from the root. Then you poach the pear until the fresh ginger has thoroughly infused the poached pear flavours. If you can imagine that you you will truly get this wine because this is one of it’s very enjoyable flavours.

A truly different and remarkable Vermentino from Ray and Jen, this wine opens a door to possibilities previously unencountered with the variety in Australia – you have to get some!

Tasted: Saturday 29th July, 2023 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 12%
Closure: Wax Sealed Diam
Fruit Source: Golden Grove Estate
Price: $40
Suggested Drinking Window: 2022 to 2028
Winemaker: Ray and Jen Costanzo
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