Ballandean Estate Wines


Ballandean Estate is Queensland’s oldest family owned and operated winery. Wine was first made on the estate in 1932 with a cellar door eventually launched in 1970.“early cellar door A picture of an early pop-up cellar door with a dashing young couple is shown here. Angelo is affectionately acknowledged as ‘The Father of Queensland Wine’.

For a number of years the wines at Ballandean Estate were made by contract wine makers. Quite a few years ago now a decision was made to employ a wine maker full time and the results of having Dylan Rhymer (see pic) “dylan rhymer as a full-time winemaker at Ballandean Estate have more than vindicated the decision. I have long believed that you need to live and breathe a vineyard in order to get across it’s multifarious nuances and Dylan has been afforded the opportunity to do just that. Consequently the wines at Ballandean estate have experienced an almost exponential growth in quality and certainly a mini-explosion in variety. Dylan has produced one of the very best Fiano’s I have encountered in Australia along with an excellent Saperavi and now a very enjoyable Nebbiolo.

I have memories of Ballandean Estate wines long before Dylan’s tenure in the vineyard, foremost among these are a 1995 Shiraz and a 1991, followed very closely by 1993, Late Harvest Sylvaner. Anyone who can remember the 1995 Shiraz will surely appreciate that, if cellared with respect, it would still be drinking very well now.“1995 shiraz

Shiraz vintages on the Granite Belt have tended from good to exceptional such as 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2012 however, and with due acknowledgement to skewed memory effects, the 1995 Granite Belt Shiraz wines may be the greatest of them. I have mentioned elsewhere on this site the wonderful 1995 Preston Peak Shiraz made by Phillippa but the Ballandean Estate wine still lingers on my palate memory with significant effect. This was a wine of superb balance, power and elegance, indeed one of those rare wines which engender a genuine experience of loss when the last bottle from your cellar has been consumed.

Another wine I’m sure anyone who has experienced it will never forget is the 1991 Late Harvest Sylvaner.“sylvaner Back then the Sylvaner was in a cork sealed 750ml bottle, currently it’s bottled under screwcap in 375ml ‘half’ bottles and the process includes refrigerated tanks to concentrate the juice somewhat like an ice wine. I finished my last 2 bottles of this wine 4 years ago. One was unfortunately oxidised due to cork failure but the other was superb. I subsequently found it difficult to part with the empty bottle, that’s it in the pic still decorating areas in my house.

Today Ballandean Estate produces a large range of straight varietal wines and many blends. You do need to allocate some time for a visit to their cellar door as there are many wines to taste if you intend to taste through. You will often encounter a smiling and energetic Leeanne Gangemi (formerly Puglisi) in the cellar door – sometimes Mary or Robyn. All the staff are friendly and helpful, even though sometimes a busload of tourists has just descended upon them. The Estate now has a separate sit down tasting room.

If you enjoy caramelised balsamic vinegar don’t leave Ballandean Estate Cellar Door without sampling some of the Lirah range. These Balsamics are made by Ian Hendersen the husband of Robyn, they have become so popular that a large factory was established in Stanthorpe. My favourite is the Caramelised Apple Balsamic, it makes a great hors d’oeuvre if you pour some into a bowl with olive oil and dip crusty bread. People with a sweeter tooth will enjoy the somewhat decadent Fig infused Caramelised Balsamic.

The Wines

Red Wines:

• Merlot | • Shiraz Viognier | • Opera Block Cabernet Sauvignon | • Opera Block Shiraz | • Saperavi | • Malbec | • Nebbiolo | • Sinatlis – a Saperavi/Durif blend | • Genaration 3 – a Shiraz/Cabernet blend, only made in outstanding vintages

White Wines:

• White Pearl – muscat | • Moscato Giallo | • Semillon Sauvignon Blanc | • Fiano | • Viognier | • Malvasia | • Opera Block Chardonnay | • Late Harvest Viognier | • Late Harvest Sylvaner


• NV Range Reserve Sparkling | • Rosé | • Summertime – Light semi-sweet Shiraz based | • White Liqueur Muscat | • Angelas Muscat | • Fine Old Tawny


Location: 354 Sundown Rd, Ballandean 4382.

Hours: Daily 9 – 5pm.
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