Ridgemill Estate was established by Martin-Cooper in 2004 when he purchased the Emerald Hill vineyard which began it’s life in 1998. Ridgemill has the oldest Tempranillo vines on the Granite Belt. I have only met Martin a handful of times he is enthusiastic about all things Ridgemill Estate and the Granite Belt in general and always ‘up for a chat’. I have a much longer association with Ridgemill Estate’s head wine maker Peter McGlashan. That’s Peter on the left and Martin on the right on an obviously very good night!


I first met Peter many years ago at the inaugural Mourvedre blind tasting shootout at Pyramids Road. He was then a newish wine maker at Ridgemill Estate and had previously worked as a viticulturist at Robinsons Family Vineyards. I recall Warren Smith telling me how impressed he was with Peter as he’s very keen to learn and really listens and follows through. Peter has since morphed into an excellent winemaker who isn’t afraid to experiment but based upon local knowledge and ‘good science’. Peter has qualifications from Toowoomba University (he may have other quals I’m unaware of).

Peter has the engaging quality of receiving both positive and critical feedback as though it’s all helpful and good. He has a fantastic attitude toward learning it’s almost as if he doesn’t possess an ego. You are guaranteed to enjoy a wine tasting with Peter anytime you visit Ridgemill if he’s available – it’s a good idea to book a tasting beforehand.

All the Ridgemill Estate wines are high quality and Peter also makes some excellent blends, a favourite with many visitors is Joshua’s Pup – a blend of Shiraz and Grenache with some Mourvedre included, the Shiraz is co-fermented with Viognier.


Peter’s discerning experimentation often propels him to new achievements he makes what is currently (October 2019) the only riesling on the Granite Belt and it’s very good!


The Wines

Red Wines:

• The Lincoln – Shiraz | • The Spanaird – Tempranillo | • The Czar – Saperavi | • Black Dog – Cabernet Sauvignon | • Joshua’s Pup – Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre | • Bennie’s Blend – Merlot/Malbec | • Merlot

White Wines:

• WYP Chardonnay | • Pinot G | • Riesling | • Verdelho | • Viognier

I haven’t tried the Pinot G yet, so not sure if it’s a Gris or a Grigio style.


• Eloisé – A brut blanc de blanc | • Rosé | • Moggies – A sweet style from verdelho grapes | • Sly Dog – A verdelho fortified with liqueur muscat | • Howling Dog – liqueur muscat


Location: 218 Donges Rd, Severnlea 4380.

Hours: Sunday 10 – 3pm all others 10 – 5pm.
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