Pyramids Road Wines 2021 Mourvèdre

Every Australian Vintage there are just a handful of wines from around the entire country I eagerly await, this wine is one of them. I must admit being somewhat flummoxed by the Australian red wine drinkers palate when it comes to Mourvèdre as the wine doesn’t rank high in popularity stakes – Wine Experience in Brisbane will not stock much Mourvèdre as it takes a long time to clear. Still I’m happy with this situation as consumer demand can do some pretty vicious things to a wines price and availability.2021 mourvèdre Warren’s Mourvèdre has a pedigree second to none, we have compared it in numerous blind tastings over many years to the best in the country and it has performed very well, sometimes being the group favourite and sometimes not but always being in the top bracket. I have sent this wine off to other tasting groups in other states and there it has also performed exceedingly well even with people who prefer big, ripe South Australian styles. Perhaps the only top shelf Aussie I haven’t directly compared it with yet is the Travis Earth, but that’s coming.

All of Warren’s 2021 reds have stunning colour with bright reflective radiance, this one is a beauty being a bright black in the depths and with some pinkish rose petal meniscal hues mixed with vibrant purple.

A redolent wafted bouquet with powerfully fragrant deep dark fruits provides an initial introduction, unmistakable liquorice and aniseed combine with some shy black pepper and a little earth. The palate is long propelling savoury black berries somewhat perforated with black pepper in an initial flavoursome greeting, dark chocolate is wound around the fruit explosion which also, surprisingly, expresses some mulberry and all of this is coated with a thin but luscious layer of liquorice and aniseed, and chorizo adds a little meatiness. The balance and structure are superb, as the wine has a long harmonious consistency with a fine powdery tannin finish which also unleashes some minerals and earth.

Drink this wine now or have one every year for the next 15+ years.

Tasted: Sunday 14th August, 2022 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $45
Suggested Drinking Window: now to 2037+
Winemaker: Warren Smith
Fruit Source: Estate
Oak: Old French and Old American
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