Robert Channon Wines 2018 Bin 3 Reserve Pinot Noir

A very reflective bright darker cherry coloured wine, deeply red at the centre and glowing with lights at the meniscus, a very enticing presentation.

Sour dark cherry wafts from the wine and primes your senses, anise, cinnamon and liquorice coalesce around the sour cherry fragrances and vitalise the bouquet into a complex inviting delicious perfume.2018 pinot noir The colour and the bouquet in combination signal the possibility of a pinot noir of exceptional quality.

The palate contains fruit weight I haven’t experienced in a Granite Belt Pinot Noir previously, the flavours and texture are intense. Here we have a pinot noir that competes with some of the big name pinot noirs of our southern states and New Zealand but at half to two thirds of the price. The savoury qualities are immensely enjoyable, succulent black cherries throng at the centre expression of this wine and they contain a slower and then accelerated release of spices featuring pepper and liquorice coated with anise and there is a hint of juxtaposed sweetness. A stimulating fruit swell begins early on the palate and it builds with gusto lingering long and then unleashing those beautiful spice flavours. The tannins are a combination of fine and lush and with longevity as they carry this beautiful pinot experience seamlessly along the entire length of an extended palate excited with effortless ease.

I have experienced some beautiful pinot noir wines on The Granite Belt in the 2018 vintage but this one is a notch above all others. If I were to taste this in a blind lineup I would never call it a Granite Belt Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir aficionados will be very familiar with the price of quality pinot noir in Australia, this one looks like the best VFM purchase of the year. Congratulations to Paola!

2018 was a cold year after bottling and the wine has thrown a little tartrate crystal, not a fault and doesn’t affect the flavour, decant if you wish.

Tasted: Sunday 12th September, 2021 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $40
Suggested Drinking Window: 2021 – 2032
Winemaker: Paola Cabezas Bono
Fruit Source: Estate
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Posted by Peter Pacey

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