Robinsons Family Vineyard 2015 Chardonnay

A label that you sadly won’t encounter anymore. The vineyard is no more and Craig ‘Robbo’ Robinson has moved on to other areas in the wine industry. Certainly his talents are a loss to the region, it would be great to see him return one day.2015 chardonnay

This was perhaps the tightest Diam I have ever had to extract, at one point I thought the Monopol Ah-So was going to break – either that or my wrist!

Straw yellow/green with some radiant emits of gold in the glass, looking in a very healthy state for a 6 year old chardy, that tight Diam wasn’t allowing any ingress. Myself and the 480 odd members of a certain members only forum have never encountered an issue with Diam but have with all other cork closures and there are some pretty knowledgable and discerning palates there.

Whole bunched pressed and fermented in a combination of wild and Burgundian yeast – this is pretty clever wine making. The bouquet certainly shows the influence of both yeasts and likewise the palate with some contribution from the whole bunch pressing. Lifted stone fruit and pear redolences are immediately apparent and supported by a little almond/honey oak and a small spicy infiltration.

The palatal introduction is a parade of fresh stone fruits together with some slightly sour lemony citrus and ripe but almost zippy pears. Next some slightly sweet and slightly sour spice emerges and then the entire experience is rounded up by quite sour apricot late on the palate and which provides a most enjoyable juxtaposition flavour to the fresher fruit experience. The acid still has some enjoyable lift while the dominant mouthfeel is quite textural.

A chardonnay with a different personality to most and an interesting change to be discovered just when you think you had chardonnays covered. I only have one left and, because I’m curious, I’m giving it another 5 years. The only other thing I have to add to this post is that we really should launch a ‘Come Back Craig’ campaign!

Tasted: Sunday 17th October, 2021 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 12.5%
Closure: Diam
Price: $25
Suggested Drinking Window: 2016 to 2026
Winemaker: Craig Robinson
Fruit Source: Local GI (Granite Belt)
The vineyard has been discontinued

Posted by Peter Pacey

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