Heritage Estate 2019 Malbec

At the Magnificent Seven event in October 2018 Jeff Hardin expressed a lot of enthusiasm for Granite Belt Malbec. Of course this was on the back of his 2018 release an excellent Malbec made by Tom Battle. Jeff was unsure how well that wine would cellar and suggested it may be an early drinker as it was so approachable as a youngster.2019 malbec There are some similarities with that wine and this one as this is very approachable now. However this wine is one of the softer styles of GB Malbec’s I have encountered. Both Halliday and Heritage Estate suggest that John Handy prefers to favour fruit expression in his wines and that’s obvious in Heritage Estate whites and likewise in this Malbec. The softer tannins fruit forward style suggests a 5 year drinking window and we could be looking at some more deft pressing here but the most valid comments on that would come from John Handy himself.

The colour is medium bright so not as dense as many other local Malbec’s I have tried instead I see a radiant light dance in the glass from an enlivened glowing presentation that beckons you ‘come hither now’ – the wine is relationship forward and offers you some genuine instant gratification.

A boisterous and boosted bouquet elevates perfumed aromas of black and blue fruits, kalamata olives and liquorice wafting on a background of road tar to entrance your nasal senses and signal the imminent experience to your palate. The palate is lush and smooth and enduring, there are blackberries wrapped around blueberries, a little red plum, liquorice languishing lazily in black olive juice, a savoury mouthfeel with a little sweetness of road tar and tobacco. Malbec is only noted for medium tannins and this one is pitched a little south of that but with enough tannic power to still provide a coalescing of dry, sweet and savoury aspects that intoxicate you with a desire to return repeatedly and rapidly. Just one bottle between two with dinner seems such a parsimonious and cruel ration!

Tasted: Saturday 13th February, 2021 without food and then with over several hours.
Alcohol: 14%
Closure: Screwcap
Price: $35
Suggested Drinking Window: now to 2026
Winemaker: John Handy
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